Boudoir Photography for Someone Special

boudoir photography model on bed in luxury setting

Boudoir Photography as Art

Glamour or boudoir photography is a style of sensuous, enticing and alluring portrait photography. Glamour photos have been used as gifts for partners or as keepsakes, celebrating this time in your life. Having a professional glamour photography session brings out the inner diva, and provides a fantastic boost in confidence and self-esteem, when you see the results of your photo shoot. You'll realise that "the look" isn't just for highly paid models and celebrities!

We offer a number of portrait packages for clients who simply want beautiful glamour photography of themselves. Tastefully done, attractive mode-style photography, known as "boudoir" (from the French word meaning "bedroom"), is a perfect celebration for this time in your life.

Sensuous and enticing, a boudoir photo is a gift from the heart, and makes an eye-catching art piece in your home. You might display your glamour photo in your bedroom, or in the front hall. However you present the final print is up to you. Any way you look at the finished photograph, it's a beautiful statement about who you are.
Our glamour photography includes hair and makeup. The makeup artist and hair stylist remain with you for your complete session. During development and before printing or loading to your own USB drive, this style of portrait is enhanced with skin softening if needed, and some careful digital cosmetic surgery too!

Here's an introductory list of some of the things we can do to a photograph after it's been taken, to further enhance the images we present to you:
  • Cellulite can be reduced or removed
  • Scarring or birthmarks can be removed
  • Hips can be slimmed, "love handles" removed
  • Thighs slimmed, tummy tuck and buttocks reduced
  • Fuller lips, whiter teeth, brighter eyes
  • Tattoo removal
  • Overall slimming of the body

In most instances, the real artistry comes from the skill of professional glamour photography, with the correct selection of clothing, props, pose, lighting and equipment- all matched to create the final piece of art.
Our boudoir and glamour photography is designed to have you still look like the person you are. You're portrayed to look the very best you can be.
Enjoy the results, and the wonderful lift in self-confidence that comes from having professional glamour or boudoir photography.

Talk to us about a session. We shoot with cars, motorbikes- indoors or out on location.

boudoir photo- model with car

A Portrait with His Car

If your man absolutely loves his car, a boudoir photo with his pride and joy is a great idea for a personal gift.
It's your ideal opportunity to be his pinu-up girl!
Include your partner in the shoot- either on-location or within a drive-in studio with seamless background.
Style your photo session to match the color scheme of the car, as shown here.

Location shoots like the one with the car featured here, can be in a warehouse or factory. The photo shown here was done during a car show, with a live band and people dancing just meters away from the shoot.
Wireless lighting made it fast- no cables, no power supply and the ability to shoot in between the waves of people walking through the photography set- which was simply where the car was, during the show.
Professional glamour or boudoir photography doesn't need to be so public- you can schedule a studio shoot for total peace of mind.

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In Your Home

Alluring portraits- professional photography at home

Glamour Photography

Bedrooms make ideal gamour photo locations, lit with studio lighting.

model portfolio photography

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Portraits with Cars

Does your man love his car? Surprise him with a gift of you, like this!

model portfolio photography

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