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Regular Part-time or Casual Work

We have some outstanding photographic modelling opportunities for girls in Melbourne. Assignments are available as one-off photographic modelling roles, or as regular scheduled work on weekends or days during the week.
Be photographed by Melbourne's leading location portfolio photographers and glamour studio.

How Do You Know If You're Good Enough?

If you get regular compliments, and look good in swimwear or lingerie, we encourage you to apply using the form on this page.
Shoots are regular throughout 2018. If you are a newcomer, it's a great opportunity to get the experience you need, to start your career in modeling. If you have had experience as a bikini waitress or grid girl, you'll find modeling to be easy.

Plus-sized curvy girls welcomed!

We promote a healthy, natural body image, because it works well with our style and choice of locations.
Experience fantastic photography, and get stunning, showcase high resolution original images for unlimited use, anywhere you like, without watermarks or usage restrictions.

Jobs for Models in Melbourne

There are a number of assignments in glorious, photogenic locations, available Interviews are scheduled in Melbourne on Mondays during January 2018. Complete a form on this page now, to apply. Here are some of the job opportunities for models, available now.

  1. Editorial fashion, CBD locations
  2. Boho life-style shoots, rustic settings in Melbourne's north
  3. Stunning beach shoots, featuring swimwear and bikinis: Mornington Peninsula
  4. Modelling on waterfalls, surf coast just past Geelong
  5. Evening fashion shoots, Melbourne CBD and Docklands
  6. Outdoor recreation lifestyle modelling assignment

All modelling jobs listed here can be applied for, using the form on this page.

In-proprtion Curvy Females Needed

Here it is from a photographer's perspective. All the models we've worked with over the years have been great- however the ones we find are the most photogenic are those who consider themselves to be on the cusp of plus-sized.
If this sounds like you, we encourage and welcome your application.

    How it Works

    bikini swimsuit models wanted, Melbourne and Sydney There's an application form you can use to apply for modelling work, located at right, down this page.
    Complete all fields on the form, be sure you have two good photos in your phone or computer you can attach to the form.
    Ensure all answers are correct, submit your application and check your email- especially your "junk" folder! You'll hear from us within 48 hours, usually much quicker..

    If you're in Melbourne, you're welcome to schedule a time to meet with us at our office, once your application has come in. We welcome people from country Victoria- particularly the Western district, and East Gippsland.

    The photos on this page you are on now, are of someone on their first shoot (top) second shoot (bottom) and third shoot (centre).

    You could enjoy being part of our work, too.

    Why Do We Prefer No Experience?

    Models with intermediate experience have often learned bad habits from bad photographers, and naturally adopt poses which aren't flattering. Someone who is new to modelling- who approaches it with an enthusiasm and "joie de vie" brings something special to the shots, called exuberance. This enables us to create amazing images.

    It works even better if the model's ideas of awesome locations match ours. This applies particularly to outdoor shoots.

    Is There a Minimum Age?

    curvy girls wanted for lingerie modelling work, Melbourne and Sydney Yes, ideally you should be 18. This means you can make your own decisions, and not rely on others being available to take you to assignments. We want everyone to have the best chance at success.

    If you are 13,14, 15, 16 or 17 years of age, and you'd like to have professional modelling photos done, book a shoot and you'll have the session all to yourself, so your chaperone can be part of it without being in on someone else's shoot.

    What Style of Photos Will We Shoot?

    The shots we expect from models working with us- for our advertised shoots- are the same style as what you see within this website. In most cases we provide the items for the model to wear. We always have a female hair stylist and makeup artist attend to you for the complete duration of your time with us.
    Often our shoots are spontaneous- often the day and location of a shoot are both part of a decision we make on short notice- at the mercy of the weather. Other times we might have brief access to an amazing interior location we've been trying to source. We shoot day, evening and weekend sessions, and our own creative work is scheduled for times which take advantage of optimum lighting and weather on locations.
    The emphasis is on fun, a collaboration between model, makeup, hair and photographer- and we all benefit when the images meet or exceed our expectation. Client shoots are often booked weeks in advance, not enabling us to pick the weather or a preferred time of the day. Uni students, backpackers and people who are available on short notice, are encouraged to apply.

    Apply Now- Send in Two Photos

    swimwear models needed for paid photographic modellingWe encourage you to apply now- send in two photos. One should be in swimwear or lingerie, and the other should be a face shot. Both should be taken in good light, and sent via the form.
    We'll get back to you soon.
    Apply now using the form at right of this page.
    We encourage plus-sized models or people with little or no experience in modelling to apply- it's a wonderful self-esteem boost, to see yourself in amazing photography.

    What Happens Next?

    Once you send in your photos, we'll review them and get back to you within 72 hours. You can either meet with us in our South-Eastern Melbourne Studio, or in city coffee shop, completely without obligation.

    If you have any looks or locations in mind, chat with us at the meeting and we'll try and arrange a shoot for you that works with your ideas.

Lingerie Models Wanted

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Models wanted for lingerie and bikini modelling now.

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