Whatever the Weather

swimwear model wears blue patterned bikini on paid assignment at the beach in Melbourne

Summer Model Photography

Taking pictures of models in summer, ensures the talent won't freeze on the beach!

We have harsh summer sun here in Melbourne, especially during the middle part of the day in December, January and February.

Professional model photographers- like us- use artificial light outdoors and light modifiers to make use of the strong sun, and have it working in our favour. Typically, photographers shy away from such harsh light. Bright sunny skies- so typical of summer weather on the beach in Melbourne, present unique conditions.

Sun, sweat, heat and insects- all these are determined to turn the photography session on its head.

Model portfolio photography during summer is still a great way to get awesome images.

model photography, sunny weather, clear skies

Our Shoots Go Ahead

We shoot in almost any weather. We have access to indoor locations for photography, and these are available on short notice. If you have a specific look in mind, and it is weather dependant, we wil reschedule to another day, to give you the results you want.

Autumn Color, Winter Rain

The light during Winter and Autumn is particularly kind to human skin. If you want photos taken in which the colors really "pop", then shooting on a dull day might just be the answer. With our portable lighting, we can draw the attention to you using on-location lighting, and give your images a real "catalogue" look.

When It Pours...

In most cases, we can still shoot outdoors. Rain can lend a real lustre to the colors within the prevalent pallette- and we use this to our advantage.
Remember our guarantee- if your session is a wash out from rain or bad weather, we'll reschedule and reshoot free of charge for you.

attractive curvy female wears pink bikinis
expert model photography

Cold Weather Photos

Model Folio Casual Look

Take advantage of cooler conditions to shoot some fashion images which let you experiment with color.

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Bringing It Together

Professional photographers of models, coordinate the shoot with an end result in mind.

Beautiful Styling and Art Direction for Beach Girl Photos

It's far better to take fewer shots with a higher number of usable images.
This keeps the shoot fresh, and maintains enthusiasm throughout the day.