Location Modelling Tips

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Ensuring Your Location Shoot Runs Smoothly

Modelling on location is exciting. Having your model folio photographed on location yields images most people will never get if you follow some basic, common sense guidelines.

Make Easy Work of Getting Your Things to the Shoot

Bring your clothes in a backpack. Leave your hands free- bags with handles are clumsy to carry over distances, don't often seal well, and can break more easily than a daypack on your back. Ensure the pack has some kind of organiser, so your keys don't fall out when you aren't looking.

Bring Only the Clothing You Really Need

exciting swimwear photography in model portfolio style Don't pack one of every type of clothing you own. Be a harsh judge, and look carefully through your selections of clothing for the location or locations you'll be modelling in. Select the color that works best with the setting. If you're selecting swimwear or lingerie, be sure that both pieces match.

Ensure You Have Basic Comfort Items

Insect repellant and sunscreen go a long way, towards making your shoot run smoothly. Plan for where you'll be- if you're anywhere near water, it's likely there might be insects around. Bites can be anything from annoying to irritating, and definitely unsightly in the photos.

Style Your Outfits- Accessories Can Really Complete- or Destroy the Look

best photography for model folios Sort your jewelry, clothing accessories, hats, shoes and other complementary items, and keep them in one zip lock bag per outfit so that you aren't missing an earring or necklace which is important to the completeness of an outfit.

Bring a Long Coat

A long coat can keep you warm, dry, shielded from the sun- or prying eyes- and is an invaluable piece of kit to have on any location shoot.
make the most of the experience, get awesome photos and enjoy the shoot. Spend your time shooting, and not rumaging through bags.

Wear loose clothes to the shoot- so you aren't waiting for elastic lines to disappear from your skin, and bring comfy shoes. You might be walking accross varied terrain.

What to Wear on the Day

professional location photography for modelling portfolio photos Wear loose clothes to the shoot- so you aren't waiting for elastic lines to disappear from your skin, and bring comfy shoes. You might be walking accross varied terrain. Leave a complete spare change of clothes- including footwear- in the car. Sometimes the unexpected happens- things get drenched, or mixed up with your modelling clothes. A spare set of comfy clothes, waiting for you back at the car, is welcome at times like this. Take a look at our suggestions on what to wear for your portfolio shoot to help you plan the perfect range.

Any Location Works

Model in fantastic images like you see here. We can give you the photography that will enhance your portfolio.

portfolio photography of model in old graveyard

If you're into unusual locations- old graveyards make fascinating settings for professional photography. We can shoot on location with smoke machines, and create all sorts of wonderful effects!

Color Harmony

Black and White has its own harmony- the eye is drawn to the model because she stands out from the blacks and the whites in this image.

Black lingerie on Caucasian Model

Style Your Outfits

Some thought into simple styling and accessories can lift an outfit to a whole new level. treat each set of clothing you bring as a stand-alone session, and accessorize it accordingly

An alternative look for a model outfit