Model Photography Training

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Learn Professional Techniques

Here's your chance to work with models- photograph models under the guidance of a professional photographer, and learn what you need to do to produce images like those seen on this website.
Our model photography courses are for people who understand how their camera works. You'll learn expert tricks and techniques you won't read about online.

It's in the Details

Enjoy model photography- get the results you expect.

Planning a shoot with a model can be more work than the shoot itself. There's the location, equipment, makeup and hair, wardrobe and talent to arrange. This beginner level course will give you just the skills you need to produce stunning photos.

There's the model, location and equipment to organise. You might get it all happening and face a blank wall in your mind once you're ready to shoot.

This introductory course, designed especially for photographers wanting to shoot calendar or magazine-style glamour photography or model portfolios, will ensure you have an understanding of what's required to make it!

Learn how to successfully plan and shoot with a model. Understand how to guide the model through a range of poses.
Know the difference betwen guiding an amateur or experienced model. Here are some of the things we'll look at:

  • Your idea- from imagination to preparation
  • Arranging your model- setting expectations
  • What you really need for the shoot- and what should stay at home
  • Deciding on the best within your location
  • Working with- and guiding the model to achieve the shots you want

fifty shades of grey portfolio image for model in Melbourne For more information, read about working with models on location. If you need more information, simply call or email us, via the contact page.

Any Camera With Manual Control is Fine

Two of the three pictures on this page were shot on a pocket compact camera which was a number of years old at the time of the shoot...
So you don't need to race out and buy all the latest gear. We'll talk about what equipment is essential- and what you can really afford to be without, during the training session.
There's a lot to be said for having a good eye, and an artistic sense of style.

Shot with a Compact

We'll teach you how to work with what you have.

model portfolio photography, beach setting

Model Shoots

Repeatable Results

female model with conch shell