Tips for the Best Modelling Portfolio

Getting Results

Follow these suggestions and get the pictures you need- and want- from your modelling portfolio photo session.
On the day of the shoot, things happen quickly, and the weather can be unpredictable. Staying ahead of the curve will keep you in a positive state of mind, so that you can relax and absorb the atmosphere and flurry that comes with having a professional, on-location model photo shoot.

Get the best results, by planning ahead, and following these essential steps, so that you have your personal preparation, as well as your clothing and accessories fully sorted, to avoid losing things, forgetting clothing or jewellery and last-minute trips to the shops or beauty therapist.

We're going to give you the benefit of more than three continuous decades of photographing models, magazine covers and editorial content, and stills for TV and media.

Decide Your Looks- Be Versatile

Are you suited to fashion modelling? Do you have aspirations of being a bikini or lingerie model? Perhaps you're a plus-sized model who wants to do all of these categories.

Before you prepare sets of clothes for use in your model portfolio photo shoot, answer the questions above, and plan with a purpose.

Sort everything three days before the shoot- this gives you time to source any jewellery or accessories, without the last minute rush which tends to accompany model shoots.

Bring only what you need to the photography session- so that you're not scrambling through bags wondering if something "will do"- before realising things have been left at home.

To Tan or Not

lingerie modelling, girl lying on sand, Melbourne If you're planning on acquiring a tan- then do it well before the shoot. We don't recommend tanning for photos, although a little light color can be good. The rich, sun-tanned look comes from lighting and our equipment, rather than from the solarium. Of course, don't present for the shoot in a pearly-white porcelain state- just go easy on the depth of color you acquire.

Hair Advice

Are you planning a haircut or trim? Do this several weeks ahead- often hair looks better a few weeks after it's been cut. Our stylist can do more if your hair is longer, rather than shorter. Long hair- from shoulder length to just above the centre of your back- allows for more impromptu styling and works well in photography. There is some important information about managing your hair, on the photo shoot information page.

Deciding What to Bring

It's better to shoot only 5 looks and do them really well, instead of trying to model every piece of clothing you own.
Look at your clothes and ensure you have the shoes, accessories and jewellery to match. Hang your clothing on hangers- one set per hanger. Perhaps buy a clothing case- but either way, be sure to place all the accessories and jewelry into a bag which is with its own set of clothes.

This ensures nothing is mixed up, and that you can easily access everything when it's needed.

Remember you'll be carrying these items- so ensure they are packaged for the drive and (occasional) walk on the day.
Stuffing everything into a pillow case and hoping for the best is not good.

Make sure everything is clean, not creased, not scuffed and definitely wrinkle-free.

Our Best Portfolio Tips

Here are our guidelines for models wanting awesome portfolio photos!
  • Organise everything early
  • Get a great night's sleep before the shoot
  • Arrive fresh
  • Stay nourished- bring convenient snacks
  • Stay hydrated- bring water
  • Have a plan- shoot everything you need
  • Bring a long coat, wrap or mute colored dressing gown
  • Beach shoot? Bring two towels
  • Pack insect repellant and sunscreen too
Hot model in wet dress, standing in water on the beach

Ensure you have your own independent transport for the day. Don'y make plans for later in the day- there might be weather delays or a last-minute location swap, which could run the shoot out longer.

We're also tipping you'll be tired after such a big day.

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