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Look Your Very Best

Expertly applied makeup enhances or transforms the look of a person, depending on the application. having professional makeup for a photographic session is essential to ge the best results.
Our makeup artist is able to provide you with a range of styles to suit the different looks you'll portray throughout your shoot.

When you arrive for your shoot, don't have any makeup or skin care products on your face. It's important that the makeup artist has a fresh, clean canvas on which to work. Ensure you're well hydrated before the day- and stay out of the sun! If you have any favourite products you're welcome to bring those with you.

Skin color is important- do everything you can to not have your facial skin color vary wildly from your body. Don't wear anything which gives you a rash, as this can be hard to work with.

Makeup During Your Photography

girl models underwear in forest photo session, wears very little makeup Our makeup artist will modify your makeup throughout the shoot. This is especially important because your range of outfits shouldn't all be photographed without a change of makeup. Sometimes it's just a subtle change- other times the makeup is altered significantly thoughout the day.
We generally start with more subtle makeup and this is strengthened during the shoot. You might feel as though you aren't wearing much makeup- that's because our professional products don't require such heavy application as consumer lines.

Mobile Makeup Service for Photographers, Models and Actors

Our makeup artist is fully mobile, and can be deployed for your photography or film project. We provide services related to makeup and hair styling so that the complete look of talent is taken care of.

Simply contact us for help with your project.

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Location Makeup

Professional makeovers- that last yet feel light.

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