What Styles Should You Choose?

an examploe of female model clothing matched to the location

Diversity is Important

When you come to the point of deciding what goes in the bag for inclusion in your portfolio shoot, look for styles that enable you to showcase a range a variety of moods and looks.
Here are three important points, when you're organising what looks to go for, when having professional glamour photos, modelling shots or boudoir photography done:

Select a Range of Looks

For models, versatility is important. If you are setting out to promote yourself, you need to appear capable of fulfilling a range of assignment briefs, and show your versatility in different outfits.
If you're having boudoir photography then vary your colors- even if your garments are similar in style, color can make a big difference ot the overall mood of the shot.
Models having a folio shot, need to shoot for the client they are presenting to, or the genre of modelling they wish to pursue. Your portfolio is something you should think about carefully before deciding on a final plan. Be the very best you can be, and use garments which call out for attention, and flatter you as well.

Think About Themes

The following applies to people having glamour or bodoir photos, as well as models developing portfolios.

try to make your pictures uniquely yours. Use props of interest- a musical instrument- or showcase a sport or hobby. Do something with your model photography session that spas about who you are- and provides an insight into your personality. Clients and casting directors appreciate this insight.

Fewer Outfits- Better Attention to Detail

We've had people turn up to shoots with suitcases full of clothes, yet one critical component was missing from each outfit.
It's better to have fewer items or sets of things, and have them coordinated well, from your hair jewellery right down to your shoes.
Safe colors- and one of these will work just about anywhere- are white, cream, skin and- as a last resort- black.

The reason why we try to avoid black in our shoots is because it hides contour and doesn't really show the form that lies beneath the fabric.

Present the Best Image You Can

Modelling is an appearance-based industry, and as such- your image is everything.

Considering buying or hiring just a few outfits if you lack the right clothes to wear.

The most important thing to remember is that the shots can only be as good as the outfits. If you are wondering what to wear in your modelling photos, or what to bring to a professional portfolio photography session, draw inspiration from the outfits on these pages.  

Dress for Impact

Casual Modelling Portfolio Image

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