Professional Mobile Hairstyling

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Manage That Hair

Your hairstyle sets the mood for the shot- and can be varied throughout the shoot to match the style of clothes or the surroundings. The hairstylist will come with you on location, or remain with you throughout the entire session if you're having photos done indoors.

As you change outfits, your hair can be expertly adjusted to match the look- smart, casual for daywear, more glamourous hair-up syles for evening wear. Sometimes extreme contrast and contradiction works well too- having messy hair in formal wear, or being all glammed-up for the beach shoot- this brings a while new interpretation to the final images.

If you're wearing a hair piece or jewelry for your photos, our hairdresser can work with these items too.

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Fun Hair- for Fun Photos!

Whether it's casual, corporate, flirty or fun- the right hairstyle in modelling photos tells a lot about the shot and either adds to it or takes away.

This photo was done in the Melbourne CBD during a peak hour photo session, and the model wanted an image which conveyed a sense of fun. The idea was that after a hard day at work, our model was going out to have drinks with friends after work. This picture tells that story well.

The vibrant orange dress leaps forward from the muted colours of the background buildings in the city, selected as the location for this shoot. The picture was taken with lots of people around.

Tips for Getting the best Hairstyles for Photography

It's really imortant that you don't wash your hair for 36 hours before your shoot. The natural oils in your hair need to be present in abundant quantities, so that the hair is easy to style and manage throughout the day. Please don't use any conditioner, no hairspray- just arrive with your hair "as is" and we'll do the rest. When you dry your hair after the final shower or wash, don't use a hairdryer or any heat at all- let your hair dry naturally by convection- "air dry" your hair.
The best shampoo to use on your final "wash of hair" is a professional volumising shampoo.

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Model with Style!

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On Location

We'll manage your hair in wild weather!
Some of our locations get lots of wind, holding hair in place is very important.

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On-Location Hints

Hair to Match the Mood

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