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We'll Supply the Photos

How does a new, aspiring model get into a magazine? There are a few ways. You can either send in images from a model folio photography, fashion shoot or boudoir photography session or have photos done in the specific style of your target magazine.

These can be in swimwear, fashion or themed to a style your target publication regularly uses.

A professional photo shoot can provide the material you need to get your first magazine modelling opportunity.

Freelance Submissions Can Work

The market is saturated- but if you produce the images the editor wants- you're definitely in with a chance.

Fashion is pre-booked in the majority of cases- as the publication of the photos is timed to boost the sales of the garments once they are released.
By the time you see the clothes in the store, the ads have been running, so that means the photography happened ages ago.

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Photos to Get You Started

We can schedule a shoot for you around a theme or location. Have a set of images for you, in the style of the magazine you want to get into. Use the shots any way you like, without paying us extra on acceptance or publication.

Often all it takes is persistence, a magazine is likely to accept images from someone who is consistent with quality and supply.

Just give it your best shot!

Freelance submissions of photos to magazines can sometimes be used as fillers- the smaller images which don't occupy a full page. Filler images are used when a space becomes available due to a canceled ad at the last minute.

Freelance submissions also work when magazines run reader competitions or photo competitions, often with a prize at the end.
Competitions are typically run in swimwear and lingerie categories, but images with an unusually funny or topical twist can make it too.

You're Welcome to Send Photos from Our Shoots

Clients booking us for a photo shoot are welcome to send the images anywhere they like for publication. We don't watermark the images we give you, and we don't need a credit for those images or payment from the magazine.

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Stunning results guaranteed.
You'll be happy- or you pay nothing!

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